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Welcome to Oz. We run the place. ;-)

Written by Ozcat DJs on Monday, 19 of August , 2013 at 7:10 pm

Welcome to the Ozcat Radio DJ Blogs.  This is mostly a catchall communications resource for our DJs:  a place for thoughts, playlists, rants and raves, links to sites & sounds, you know… the usual DJ stuff.

Come on in.  Browse around.  Interact.  All of our DJs have pages.  Some do update more than others.  You know DJs though… uncork them and they can really go on.  Here’s a place for them to do it.  🙂

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Ozcat DJs

These are the blog pages of the Ozcat DJs, thirty some-odd (some very odd ;) Vallejo volunteers as diverse as V-town itself, with interests, opinions and musical tastes to match. Ozcat Radio is a free-form station, so Ozcat’s DJs are all music directors of their own shows. Whether you’re a music lover, a fellow Vallejoan, or an artist looking for airplay, get to know the DJs who keep Ozcat on the air here.