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Written by jeremy on Tuesday, 15 of December , 2009 at 10:37 am

This week’s AirCheck is all Europe again.

As another year draws to a close, artists all over Europe have released their latest, hopefully CD-sales-inspiring, singles. With all of our time devoted to getting ready to go live on the FM dial, and being out of our studio while it’s remodeled, the past couple weeks things have mounted up, so there’s a ton of new music. As usual this is my worksheet, so not everything will be covered… just artists I needed to remember. The nice part of it is that WordPress has pretty good search capabilities, so as I grab these snippets, more and more of the international artists will be searchable here.

Here are the ones new this week:

Dan B?lan – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Dan Mihai B?lan (born February 6, 1979 in Chi?in?u, Moldavian SSR) is a Moldovan singer, songwriter, and producer. He has performed rock, and pop. One of the most successful part of his music career was when he was part of the eurodance music trio O-Zone, a group he led to fame across Europe with the hit single Dragostea din Tei.

In 2007, Balan introduced an alter ego, “Crazy Loop” with the Eurodance
flavored song “Crazy Loop (Mm Ma Ma).” The video, directed by Marc
Klasfeld, was released throughout Europe in the fall of 2007 and was
voted the song of the year by fans. In December 2007, Dan also released
a Crazy Loop album called “The Power of Shower”. The song “Crazy Loop”
reached number 1 on the Romanian Charts.

Charlotte Gainsbourg – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Charlotte Gainsbourg (born 21 July 1971 as Charlotte Lucy Gainsburg) is a French actress and singer-songwriter. Gainsbourg was born in London, but was raised in Paris. She is the daughter of
British actress and singer Jane Birkin and French actor/singer Serge

Kane (Dutch band) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Kane is a Dutch rock band. The group consists of the two original members,
Dinand Woesthoff (lead vocals) and Dennis van Leeuwen (guitar). Their
music can be described as “guitar rock” and is inspired by U2. At the
moment, Kane is working on their fourth album, which was planned for
release in late 2007 but has been delayed and will be released in the
beginning of 2008.

King Kuduro, bio

Le projet King Kuduro vient de Obed, un jeune producteur et réalisateur
d’origine haïtienne. Déjà impliqué dans la tentative de dancehall
français de Keen V., il signe avec Warner et développe le projet King

…or as google translates it…

Draft King Kuduro comes from Obed, a young producer and director of Haitian origin. Already involved in the attempted French dancehall V. Keen, he signed with Warner and develops the project Kuduro King.

Mini Viva – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mini Viva are an English pop duo formed in 2008 by UK pop songwriting production house Xenomania, managed by Simon Fuller and signed to the newly reformed Geffen Records UK. The band consists of Frankee Connolly and Britt Love.

Superbus (band) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Superbus is a five-piece French power pop band formed in 1999

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