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Planets in Motion

Written by jeremy on Sunday, 18 of April , 2010 at 7:05 pm

We are watching astrological history unfold around us, and it is seldom so easy to watch the play if you know the players.  Whether you believe in astrology or not, check this out for a viewpoint that’s worth considering.  I made it as painless as possible for a long tome.  😉


Astrology in Motion: Epic Cultural Transformation

In the beginning, astrology and astronomy were day and night of the same science, or more precisely, science and art, left-brain/right-brain, of the same study. It’s only recently, in astrological time, that one was divorced from the other.

As a species we’ve always suffered from a certain intellectual arrogance, where we assume lessons learned in the past over millenia, particularly the ones whose implications we don’t like, are the irrelevant and outdated musings of basically ignorant people, even while we base our philosophy, mathematics and science on those same ancient people.

Astrology is both art and science. The science is easy. The computer you’re reading from can do it. It’s the same science as astronomy: precision orbital calculations. The art, however, came from millions of ancestral astronomer/astrologers standing on each others shoulders to keep refining the lexicon of what happens under certain planetary circumstances.

Determining the influence of planets and aspects takes many observations over many different time frames with many different sets of conflicting influences. It’s the only way to winnow clarity from the myriad combinations of angles, planets, divisions of the sky, and rotations of the Earth and Moon—any of which could influence the interpretation of an interaction between two planets. This is particularly true of the outer planets, which move so slowly that the number of sets of independent observations is limited by orbits longer than the observers’ lifetimes.

Luckily, the outer planets move so slowly they paint in broad strokes, and history is their canvas. They act as deep, tidal pulls under entire generations and populations. The trends are unmistakable, but it’s hard to predict specifics. This is always a sticking point for people resistant to astrology, but let’s be realistic about this.

We know for a fact that the moon pulls around billions of gallons of water every second of every day, and we know precisely when the tide will be peaking in Santa Monica, but we couldn’t even begin to predict every single wave and where it falls. (And they call that a science!) And when it comes to humans in the water, while we have little choice but to go with a wave, we can swim, roll, toss, steer, or even surf it.

So forgetting the minute to minute specifics, let’s look at the broad strokes of one set of interactions in our planet’s current shadow play.

Cultural Transformation

Transformation in astrology is a function mainly of three planets, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. To understand the interaction, you have to understand the players, and then you can apply that knowledge to the stage that contains them.

Jupiter is the force of expansion and growth, freedom, luck, bounty, MORE. It rules all things that broaden your horizons, but it has basically one mode, expansion. It’s like a stallion that sees the horizon and runs for it. As it happens, there are horizons all around, so letting the horse have its head is ultimately counterproductive; for it to be useful it needs some control.

Saturn, the next planet out from the Sun, provides the bit and bridle. It rules the forces of restraint, control, focus, examination, restriction, crystallization and stability. Pointedly enough the planet itself is a marvel of organization, ringed with an intricate system of moonlets and tiny particles. Astrologically, it can be a stifling planet, or give you clarity and cohesion. It embodies the force to which we owe our sense of security and the crystallization of our egos. In a sense you can think of it as the skin that holds us into a comfortable shape we recognize.

Like a snake however, we outgrow our skins; they’re just not physical skins. There are times in our life where security and stability become stagnation, then calcification, and the forms we put in place to give us structure become cages. At that point, staying in the cage is deadly to us, like staying in the egg unable to break out of the shell. It then falls to Uranus, the next planet out, to pull us from the shell.

Uranus is the planet of transformation and change. It’s radical, eccentric, creative, experimental, electric, progressive. It’s also cataclysmic, unpredictable, chaotic, explosive and revolutionary. Earthquakes and volcanoes fall under the purview of Uranus, though Neptune and the Moon rule the magma and its tides.

So, those are the players, this time with a complicating, constant, conflictive aspect from Pluto, which intensifies everything generational. Note the players and apply them to current politics. Saturn, the old, ossified forces of the Status Quo, and on the other side Uranus, the force of Change and transformation.

Saturn moves into opposition with Uranus once every 42-45 years. It’s a range because, in every year, there are points in our orbits where we overtake the other planets and they appear to move backwards, or retrograde, against the backdrop of the Zodiac as we pass them by. Then, continuing our orbit, they appear to move forward again. The planets’ locations in their retrograde cycles when Saturn first comes into opposition with Uranus determine the duration of the opposition. Because these planets move slowly, each planet overtakes and retrogrades and re-overtakes, back and forth, at least three times over a couple of years before they are quit of each other. In our current incidence, it’s five times.

History is a great teacher about this aspect. The last Saturn-Uranus opposition began in 1964, though they were tied together through a strong set of third-planet aspects (including Mars) in time for Kennedy’s assassination to be included as a harbinger. It was in effect for the birth of the Vietnam War and more to the point, the student unrest and internal struggles of the 60s. (It can be a very revolutionary aspect.)

The previous opposition came in 1917, though that time the opposition to Uranus was made first in 1914 by Neptune, deep, still, slow, ruler of the seas, and incidentally, spies and poisons—think Archduke Ferdinand and the trench warfare tactics of WW1. Neptune held the opposition with Uranus until Saturn caught up. It was still in effect for the sinking of the Lusitania, but that wasn’t enough to pull us into the war. We didn’t enter until the stepped up German U-Boat campaign interfered with business, which happened as Saturn moved into aspect with Uranus. The opposition lasted until the war was over.

Given all this, I suspected the aspect’s prior occurrence would have been about the time of the Civil War, and the thought of the Lincoln assassination worried me. It turns out that the aspect actually came into force in 1873, and its harbinger was a different kind of assassination, much scarier in its prescient echoes to our current circumstance.

I had to look it up. 1873. The Panic of 1873 led to the Long Depression of 1873-1896. The assassination came in the form of reckless over-speculation—akin to our own today—in the building of the transcontinental rail system, which in 1869 resulted in the crash of the Vienna Stock Exchange, brought down by trumped-up rail bonds. Our current Saturn-Uranus opposition is the first time since then that Jupiter has been parked on top of Uranus at the time of the opposition.

So, what about our current experience with this aspect so far? This time, the planets moved into orb (where the effect can be felt) in October of 2008, just in time for the banking collapse. It tightened and tightened, along with the financial crisis, finally becoming exact on Election Day 2008. It was egged on when Pluto moved into Capricorn later that month, beginning a major reorganization of cultural ideas of commerce and politics.

This all gives us an idea of the focus of the aspect this time through, but as an aside, the strongest recent point of contact was the Haiti earthquake, triggered at the exact minute of arc that the moon—just prior to being eclipsed—drew giant Jupiter’s energy into the mix. Oh, and into aspect with Neptune, ruler of the seas (and islands, by the way.) It was probably unpredictable in advance, but it was really distinctive once you saw it play out.

The timing for the rest of the year, and what we might be able to expect from it in Part 2. In the near term, though, the 4th contact of this opposition is tightening now after a lull in which the economy pretended to recover because people were feeling more hopeful (Mars-Venus conjunction) and due to the easing of the Saturn-Uranus opposition. That’s over. We’ve already seen the opposition’s effect return as populist outrage (Uranus) forced the SEC to take on Goldman Sachs (Saturn). By mid-May the opposition is exact again in the midst of the nastiest set of aspects in a long time. May will be ugly. How remains to be seen.

Oh, the final scorecard for this plucky little aspect: two wars, two economic wars, two depressions, a cultural revolution, and whatever else we have in store for us this time through. Not bad for only four occurrences. I’d bet on a record like that.

Cultural Transformation: Astrology in Motion Pt. 2

So, now we come to the fun part. Here’s how a Saturn-Uranus opposition’s transformation works out on the ground. The transits in the sky operate on entire civilizations, but we experience personal transits in our own lives when transiting Saturn or Uranus crosses its counterpart in our birth chart. The process and effect are the same on this personal scale.

On the first contact, you start to feel dissatisfied with whatever is holding you back or restraining you. If it’s your job, you’ll probably wonder why it’s not satisfying, then over the course of the transit it will become almost unbearably stifling. If it’s your country, you’ll feel the same and maybe you’ll elect a progressive “Champion”. (Like it or not, that’s what Obama is: A Uranian champion of Change.) Then Saturn moves past (out of orb) with Uranus, and the feeling dwindles. It gets harder to keep your energies marshaled toward it. The Saturnian forces of the Status Quo regain precedence.

In a traditional triple transit, the second step is when Saturn retrogrades back into orb with Uranus. At this point you’re offered the opportunity to change the status quo. (Obama takes office.) In the current transit, because of retrograde cycles, it never got out of orb between the first contact at Obama’s election, and the retrograde contact as he took office, so it fell to the next pass for this effect to be felt.

The entire year of 2009 was a textbook course in astrology, simply watching as the events played past. It was all back and forth, ebb and flow between the inevitable Change parrying and thrusting trying to break the shell, and the Status Quo hanging on with all its might, all marked by the retrograde/direct cycles of Uranus and Saturn. Remarkable. The end result of that pass (the battle for Health Care Reform) almost had to be counted as a victory for the Status Quo, but it was forged under the auspices of the Uranus aspect, so it will probably turn out to be the beginning of a major transformation.

In the final step—or steps in this case—of the Uranian transformation process, it’s taken out of your hands completely. You are transformed kicking and screaming all the way. IF you manage to escape without being forced to change, it’s 42 years till you get another chance, and you deal with the effects of that failure for the entire four decades. (You stay in the job you hate till it destroys your health and kills you—or you retire, whichever comes first—or the Status Quo regains precedence and fiddles while the Earth burns.)

In our case as a country, and possibly a world, we wouldn’t survive this failure in our present form. The second economic crash will bring us all down—we were offered the chance and time to change and we bailed out the people who put us here instead. Now we’re racing the clock before the change is forced. Given the tremendous geologic change we’ve seen from this cycle already, the means might well be a disaster (dis-aster).

The timing goes like this: the current slacking of the Saturn-Uranus opposition is ending and the 4th contact is tightening after a lull in which the economy pretended to recover because people were feeling more hopeful, aided in the lull by a strong Mars-Venus conjunction. We’ve seen the oppotition’s return beginning as public outrage (Uranus) forced the SEC to take on Goldman Sachs (Saturn). By mid-May the opposition will be exact again in the midst of the nastiest set of aspects in a long time. May stands to be ugly. How remains to be seen.

Things may get better for a while in June as Jupiter conjuncts Uranus at 0 Aries, the Vernal Equinox point. This is a massively transformational placement, with Jupiter’s expansiveness fueling Uranus’ explosive drive to change, at the birth-point of the Zodiacal wheel. It will remain in effect for the next big connection, still largely positive because of that aspect, but also remarkable in its import. That comes July 11 of this year, when the longest total solar eclipse of the millennium falls on only one piece of land on Earth, Rapa Nui (Easter Island). The last total solar eclipse to hit Easter Island, the Roman Empire was crumbling. The Moai statues weren’t even there yet.

The fifth contact between Saturn and Uranus is brutal. (In my own files, I simply name the entire conflagration Clusterfuck and name aspects to it as a group.) It comes into HARD focus at the end of July, and never lets up through the entire month of August, with Saturn finally moving on for good the first week of September. Then, Jupiter retrogrades in September, just before it would have left orb with Uranus, melding its expansive energy with the Uranian energies of transformation through the end of the year.

The final contact is at the end of September, when the Sun passes over Saturn, drawing its energies back into the mix. Probably there will be a hype-driven, pre-election bump in some wrong poll or another, quickly righted. All that’s left by Election Day 2010 is the now dominant Jupiter-Uranus transformative growth aspect. Saturn is virtually unaspected, completely out of the loop. The election is going to be a bloodbath. Anyone seen to be allied with the (by then) totally discredited forces of the Status Quo won’t have a prayer in the election. California’s marijuana initiative shouldn’t even be close.

All of this is why I said earlier, this is important. We DON’T have all the time in the world to work this out. This is no time for timidity. Timidity is Saturn talking, and it will lose. Obama is really going to have to step up. If the hero doesn’t champion, we all pay the price for it. He needs to act like the transformational leader he campaigned as. We didn’t elect him because we wanted the illusion of change. That will never satisfy the desire for transformation we are all feeling. And Uranus is not fooled by fake change.

It’s not just business as usual. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to save the world. Obama fails, we all fail. I’m happy to see he’s growing into the role.

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Comment by aidawedo

Made Monday, 28 of June , 2010 at 9:55 am

Saw you on Cesca. Very good stuff here, can you break down the months of July-August-September a little bit tighter for me (with more detail than “a Clusterfuck,” lol). I saw that you missed the oil spill, but I see that it fits now with your reading. Any other speculations? More specific?

Oh and I think that Obama will “fail” but perhaps you need to look a little closely at what signs he came in under nearly two years ago. perhaps it was not a failure at all, but destiny

Great work

Comment by jeremy

Made Monday, 28 of June , 2010 at 10:37 am

Actually, I probably could now. Until the BP Oil Spill happened (two days after I posted this article) it was unpredictable, as is usually the case with Uranus aspects, though interestingly enough the Neptune influence (ruling the undersea depths and flows) was another of those difficult-to-predict but unmistakable-when-you-saw-it dead-on astrological hits.

Yes, “failure” is a weird concept when rooting for success means the whole dysfunctional mess has to come down. It’s like rooting for chaos over stability, but right now, stability is the trap. We know what the status quo gets us. Been there… done that. But yes, we humans are damnably hard to move.

And now that I’ve seen the play in May, I’d say the final act in August will have to do with the oil spill. I’d be happier if they weren’t planning the tricky-as-all-hell relief well punch-in for August, but what with summer heat baking oil products in the sun and hurricanes to add to the chaos, there are ample culprits available for the nasty August finale.

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