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News Year’s Day New Moon, January 1, 2014

Written by jeremy on Wednesday, 1 of January , 2014 at 11:27 am

For the astrologically inclined, here’s a pretty eye-opening chart: The New Moon on New Year’s Day, 2014. After a bit of trial and error to see what location would be directly under this at the time of the new moon, it turns out to be (TADA!) The Vatican.

How absolutely fitting. A Grand Cross in all the Cardinal signs (!) pinned by a New Moon at Noon on the New Year over the Vatican. (How many pins is that, anyway?)

This astrological configuration is a continuation of the same Saturn-Uranus opposition sequence, whose epic battle between transformation and the status quo hinged around Pluto, and still does, even after Saturn has moved on. Uranus and Pluto are still pushing along the same dynamic energy that gave us the Economic collapse of 2008, Deepwater Horizon, Fukushima, which has been opposed by an ossified Status Quo so firmly entrenched it fought tooth and nail in its apparent quest to fail to learn every possible lesson from those disasters. But Saturn has left the building, and you might notice the entrenched status quo has started taking a beating.

I’ve no idea how this plays out, but the chart was too fascinating not to pass along. It looks like this will be an interesting year.



To be clear, the Vatican is only one of many locations under that meridian. I used it because it seemed the most potent. To be a true cross, the Ascendant and Midheaven would be square. That location under the meridian is somewhere in the Congo.

This is a radical chart: a Grand Cross built around one opposition between Uranus in Aries (where its entry on March 11, 2011 coincided with the Fukushima disaster !) opposed by Mars, and another between Sun/New Moon/Mercury/Pluto in Capricorn’s house of status opposed by Jupiter’s fortune and expansion in Cancer’s house of the Home. In other words, ALL of the power players are involved in the Square, while the stilling or calming ones are only obliquely connected.

As the core of this is centered around the transformative urges of Uranus vs the security of Saturn, it’s easy not to mention that both of those two planets entered their opposition on a degree already occupied by Pluto at the square. It is still marking the moving center of this complex of aspects. Pluto is generational. It stays in sign for 20 years, so it acts slowly, but constantly, on a whole generation or time frame.

It’s tiny, and very far away but has influence far beyond what you’d expect, because it marks the limit of our planetary knowledge of the solar system. It has symbolic heft. That this Grand Cross is anchored by Pluto, which has been an active participant of the entire aspect series, is tremendously significant in astrological terms.

Also significant are the signs and planetary rulerships. The stellium at the top of the chart is in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn; so even though Saturn has left the Grand Square, it’s still represented. In fact, given Capricorn’s status and corporate inclinations, the effect when Pluto moved from expansive Sagittarius into Capricorn is illustrated in events by the date of its entry: late November 2008, as Uranus retrograded and sucked all the life out of the hope and change movement that had just elected Obama.

The weight of that power-based stellium is opposed to beneficent Jupiter in Cancer (ruled by the Moon which is in opposition in Capricorn, where it’s not very comfortable: too structured.) Look at the dominance of the Inequality Dynamic presently at play around us and you see a reflection of this power vs. home dynamic.

Uranus wants nothing to do with this. It’s really had it with Saturn obstructing change it knows is vital, and it’s at the active waxing square of this Grand Cross and is opposed by Mars, which is at the full position (opposite) in Mars’ own cycle with Uranus. Uranus is in Aries (ruled by Mars, which is opposition, also uncomfortable in balanced Libra, and would rather be on the other side in its home.) 

Uranus is still in Aries, where it wreaked havoc in Fukushima in 2011, as Mars moved into Aries with Uranus. In other words, Mars is now full in the Mars-Uranus cycle that was new as Fukushima melted down.

This is one of those planetary crystallizations you walk past whistling nonchalantly. The most dangerous points are probably at the quarters, when the Moon throws ts power to Uranus and Mars. When its full, Jupiter will probably hold sway for a while.

You can see my earlier detailed explanations of this set of aspects from 2010 compiled in the article Planets in Motion.

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