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Jon Steele: Radio, TV, War and Angels

Written by jeremy on Wednesday, 19 of August , 2015 at 9:38 am

Author Jon Steele

Author and former War Cameraman Jon Steele

I recently sat down (on opposite ends of a 9,300 mile Skype connection) for a long conversation with author and former conflict cameraman Jon Steele.  The long-form, music and chat FM radio journey ran on All Over the Road on August 19th.  The podcasts are below.

I caught up with Jon at his home in Lausanne, Switzerland a couple of times over the past few weeks, old friends chatting, and then I just uncorked him and let him go. What ensued is a fascinating ramble through some of the hotspots of the world, setting the scene for his current project, the mystical noir Angelus Trilogy.

The interview will run again at 6pm, September 12, on All Over the Road. It’s the radio equivalent of the long read—three hours of talk and music—so grab what you need and settle in for an adventure.

Subjects covered or going by in a flash:

Radio, TV and writing, the fall of the USSR, Rwanda, Bosnia, Iraq lunacy, Jerusalem
War Junkie: One Man’s Obsession with the Worst Places on Earth
The Baker Boys: Inside the Surge
The Angelus Triology

In a Q&A for the release, Jon was asked what to expect from the Angelus Trilogy:

“Angels, demons, false prophets and rock and roll; a private eye without a memory of a life, a high class hooker on the run, a mysterious brain injured young man who lives in the belfry of Lausanne Cathedral in Switzerland and calls the hour through the night, a fat grey cat who talks, a Swiss cop in a cashmere coat; drugs, drink, merciless killers, lost souls, quantum mechanics, creation mythology, religion, evolution, an ancient prophecy buried in the Dead Sea Scrolls; beforetimes and nowtimes, Planck time, nuclear Armageddon in real time … all coming together as the Voyager One spacecraft (launched from Earth in 1977) crosses a previously unknown region of the heliosphere and breaks into interstellar space, with a gold disc onboard bearing an SOS to the creator of the universe that paradise is headed for a mass extinction event.”

Here are the podcasts.

Jon Steele Interview, Part 1: Radio, TV and War (46 minutes)

Jon Steele Interview, Part 2: War Junkie and PTSD (1 hour)

Jon Steele Interview, Part 3: Baker Boys to Angelus (1 hour 3 minutes)

MP3s are V4 Variable (~160kbps)

My criteria for fair use is what it should be: even if I assumed that you were just itching to grab this show, then strip out, label and tag the songs so you could steal them (because that’s apparently what the RIAA believes), there’s not a complete song in the lot without voiceover and/or missing verses.

I doubt these artists would be offended and you probably won’t care about the edits. They’re unobtrusive.

If you want to hear the show with the songs intact, catch the rebroadcast Saturday September 12th,  2015, at 6:00pm PDT. In Vallejo, you can listen to it on 89.5 FM. Elsewhere, it’s streamable on TuneIn:

Ozcat Radio via TuneIn

Song credits:

Rolling Stones “Sympathy for the Devil”
Steely Dan “FM”
The Beatles “Paperback Writer” and “Back in the USSR”
Bob Dylan “Masters of War”
Neil Young “Living with War”
CSNY “Find the Cost of Freedom”
Jimi Hendrix “Angel”
The Band “The Weight”
Bruce Springsteen “Devils and Dust”
Dire Straits “Ride Across the River”
pg.lost “Crystalline”
Ascension of the Watchers “Like Falling Snow”
Locomotora “Older than Dreams”

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