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Written by jeremy on Friday, 27 of November , 2009 at 11:26 pm

I’ve always thought that what a country listens to on the radio or in the clubs or on their iPods says a lot about the culture that you won’t find if you only dig into its ethnic music. I guess you could call me a cultural pop musicologist.

As such, I’ve been following the world charts since the 70’s, but only recently has the internet made it possible to actually put together a live, real-time chart hits show, drawn every week from the charts of the world and presented while the chart rankings are still current. Every week when I research the show, I check multiple sources to find out about the international artists we play. I can be a bit forgetful (creeping CRS) so I often do it more than once. Now, I’ll just ScribeFire it onto this blog, which will both make it easier on my poor aching mind and provide the resources and research to the web-wide world.

So this blog will hold be clips about artists, pieces of charts, music resources, stuff like that. Sometimes there will even be a playlist. 😉

Catch Whirled Hits Tuesday afternoons from 3-6pm on Ozcat Radio.

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