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Island Fest with Golden Lady

Written by Golden Lady on Sunday, 29 of November , 2009 at 5:24 pm

Golden Lady plays a savory blend of conscious Reggae and world beats from the extensive music library she has collected over her many years in the music business and from her many travel adventures. She got her feet wet in the music industry working for Motown Records. She has since focused her musical career primarily in Reggae music.

Golden Lady has been responsible for many of the Bay Area’s first Reggae festivals and concerts.  She was one of the founders of Out of Many One Productions in Oakland, California, well-known for their local Reggae productions in the 1990s, including the Peter Tosh Birthday Celebrations.

Golden Lady has worn many hats in the music business from publicist to promoter, including artist management  for Tony Rebel and Queen Ifrica, Sister I-Live, Sylvia Tella,  and currently Queen Omega.  She brings an amazing insider knowledge to her show.  She has interviewed artists such as reggae great Everton Blender, Queen Omega, Black Lung, Streets to the Hill, Val Serrant, Rankin Scroo and more.

In addition to her efforts in the Reggae music industry, Golden Lady loves to throw and style fabulous events. She also enjoys Caribbean cooking, interior design, maintaining her extensive pineapple collection and hanging out with her trusty dog, Marley, aka Toto “The Ozdog”, and Catfish her personal “Oz-cat”.

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