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Written by Ozcat DJs on Thursday, 19 of November , 2009 at 7:10 pm

Ozcat Entertainment was founded in June 2006 by singer-songwriter David Martin and his wife Kathleen. They developed the idea for a non-profit entertainment company dedicated to local popular arts after learning firsthand just how difficult it is for local and indie artists to gain exposure in the industry.

In 2004, David’s single “Anyway” was the only independent hit on the R&R Top-40 indicator chart, quite a feat for a local artist. Even then, he was turned away by every Bay Area radio station he approached. “We don’t break new music,” was the general response from Program and Music Directors.

Hearing those words was disheartening. The couple had put so much time, effort and money into the project only to hear that today’s radio market had no interest in new artists, not even those with proven talent. The Martins decided to reverse the current model and create a company where artists would find encouragement, assistance and local radio airplay. Vallejo, California — a city with a rich entertainment heritage and plenty of local talent– was a perfect setting for such an endeavor.

Ozcat Radio has since given dozens of local artists their first opportunity to have their music played on the radio. The station has hosted live on-air performances and in-depth interviews. Ozcat hopes to become a qualifying station for Bay Area radio. Some Ozcat artists have even gone on to receive airplay on larger Bay Area stations. One local rock band featured on Ozcat has even been signed to a major label.

The radio station itself is the platform on which much of the other work at Ozcat Entertainment plays out. Ozcat deejays learn the craft of hosting radio in the classic live tradition. They seek out new local artists as well as unusual, hard-to-find music, exposing the diverse community of Vallejo to an equally diverse spectrum of music.

Our beautiful facility on Georgia Street has become a center for artists to work on projects such as video shoots, band rehearsals, listening parties etc. The building features our “Emerald Room” complete with small performance stage where we produce events such as poetry readings, theatrical performances and educational events that we feel may be of interest to our community. Ozcat also networks with other community services to highlight their programming and events

Additionally, Ozcat serves as an emergency radio broadcast for the City of Vallejo. Ozcat have worked with the local authorities on events such as National Neighborhood Night Out, opening our studios up to neighbors complete with barbecue and music. Ozcat has assisted in disseminating vital emergency information and bulletins such as road closures, flood information and sobriety checkpoints, even a suspected abduction. We stand poised and ready to serve the city of Vallejo when called upon to do so.

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These are the blog pages of the Ozcat DJs, thirty some-odd (some very odd ;) Vallejo volunteers as diverse as V-town itself, with interests, opinions and musical tastes to match. Ozcat Radio is a free-form station, so Ozcat’s DJs are all music directors of their own shows. Whether you’re a music lover, a fellow Vallejoan, or an artist looking for airplay, get to know the DJs who keep Ozcat on the air here.