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Cookin’ It Up with Chef Mark

Written by Chef Mark on Saturday, 21 of November , 2009 at 3:18 pm

DJ Chef Mark Harrison is Ozcat Radio’s champion Vinyl Finder. With over 2,500 LPs in the collection, and growing weekly, Mark has a lot to draw from on his show. In addition to collecting vintage vinyl 78s etc., Chef Mark collects vintage and antique radios of all sorts and is an avid radio listener. When he stumbled onto Ozcat and its non-commercial format,he immediately called up and got involved.

A Vallejo resident for over 20 years, Mark has been a professional chef for the past 18. Just like with music, for Mark cooking is “all about the flavor”. Former chef at the Union Hotel in Benicia, DJ Chef Mark currently cooksbreakfasts at The Good Day Cafe in downtown Vallejo.

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It’s All About the Music

Written by jeremy on Friday, 20 of November , 2009 at 2:43 pm

Hello, my name is Jeremy and I’m a radio junkie.  Welcome to my Ozcat Radio blog and web pages.

I know… you’re thinking . o O (So wait… who is this guy?) Briefly, I went into radio directly out of college, and stayed there for 25 years, until the Communications Act of 1996 turned the corporados loose on it. There had always been a Corporadio presence, but up until then, it had been possible to make it with an independent, creative FM. When the Clear Channels of the world killed that, I decided to leave while I still loved the medium.

After a decade in computer multimedia, I ran into Ozcat Radio and hopped aboard.  It’s perfect:  I love all kinds of music and Ozcat plays all kinds of music.  My Saturday night show is a nod back to my progressive roots.  It’s absolutely free-form, and lets me mix anything I can work in (and I can work in a lot).  It’s my playtime show, because my Tuesday night show, AirCheck, is our World Hits show, and it’s prep-intensive.  Every week it takes me two days to prepare, but hey… it’s my passion.

You see, I truly believe that music is a universal language. If you understand the words to a song, all the better, but if you don’t, you can still love the beat, the melody, the feel of the song, the performance, the production and the myriad of things it says about its culture of origin.

When the Internet first made it possible to sit in a chat with people from 15 different countries in real time. I instantly thought . o O (Finally! It’s only a matter of time now before it’s possible to do a good world hits radio show!) That matter of time turned out to be about a decade. 😉

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These are the blog pages of the Ozcat DJs, thirty some-odd (some very odd ;) Vallejo volunteers as diverse as V-town itself, with interests, opinions and musical tastes to match. Ozcat Radio is a free-form station, so Ozcat’s DJs are all music directors of their own shows. Whether you’re a music lover, a fellow Vallejoan, or an artist looking for airplay, get to know the DJs who keep Ozcat on the air here.